Would you rather: Christmas edition

Hello lovelies,

I was tagged in this fun Christmas post by Nicola J Ogston.

Eat brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese?
Hmmmm, this is hard. I think I'd rather have the sprouts!
Have twinkling lights or still lights?
I like gently twinkling ones, but not the ones which do about 180 flashes a minute. They bring on migraines for me!
Eat gingerbread or Ferrero Rocher?
Gingerbread all day long, especially Swedish Pepparkakor, which are thin peppery gingerbread. SO GOOD! Try some if you get the chance - Anna's from Scandi Kitchen are the best!
Open your Christmas presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members?
Open with immediate family. I'll be opening mine with my mum, step dad, aunt, uncle and brother present.
Cook Christmas dinner for the whole family or don’t eat Christmas dinner at all?
Ugh, I'd freak if I had to cook anyone anything other than a bacon sandwich on Christmas day. I'm not a cook.
Have a real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree?
Although real Christmas trees are lovely, I've always had fake ones. At least you can pack fake ones away for the next year.
Use blue, yellow, white or multi-coloured lights?
I prefer multicoloured lights, especially the green and blue ones which seem to be everywhere at the moment.
Eat mince pies or Christmas cake?
Mince pies, especially the iced ones, with a nice cup of coffee. Yum. 
Wake up at 6am or 10am?
10am. I always used to be an early riser on Christmas day but this year I'm a bit bah humbug about it all, since it's my first one single for 14 years.
Drink champagne or hot chocolate?
Ooh, definitely hot chocolate!
Eat Heroes or Roses?
Now this is hard! I'd go with the Heroes, but only by a nose.
Get a puppy for Christmas or a kitten for Christmas?
Neither. I don't really agree with giving pets for Christmas, as the demand means a lot of people will go to puppy farms, and they're really cruel. Adopt, don't shop, whatever time of year you gift a pet.
Watch Elf or Home Alone?
Now that is plain cruel, pmsl. That's like asking me if I love my mum or dad the most! Eep, Home Alone!
Only be able to listen to Christmas songs all year round or never hear a Christmas song again?
All year round! I love a Christmas song and I have a Spotify playlist just for Christmas songs. I haven't listened to it yet this year as I've been quite sad, but I can feel the lure! I think today might be the day!
Wake up bright and early and get all of the best boxing day sale goodies or stay warm and cosy in bed wearing your new Christmas pyjamas?
Stay warm and cosy. I can't think of anything worse than being crammed into a boiling hot shopping centre on boxing day. Give me a cold turkey sandwich and a seat in front of the tv any day!

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