Junarose dress on a sunny day

Hello lovelies,

These photos were taken about a month ago on a lovely sunny autumnal day when it was warm enough to take my coat off. The dress is past season Junarose. It's made of lovely soft organic cotton and I wore it before here. I'm not the biggest fan of the hanky hem but the softness of the fabric more than makes up for it.

I have lovely memories of this day as the weather was gorgeous. I went for a Chinese buffet with my mum and aunt and then we had a lovely long walk around the park and some local lakes.
I love this graffiti wall. The colours are lovely.
I hope to have more lovely days like this once the weather warms up again. It's currently freezing in the UK and many places have snow. When I left home this morning it was -1 degrees C!

Everything in this post is old so I haven't linked to anything.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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