A few Darling Girl swatches

Hi all!

I'm mostly over the migraine from hell and am ready to rock again...so to speak!

I love Darling Girl Cosmetics and can't enthuse enough about the quality of the products. I've dipped my toe into quite a few indie make up companies thus far, and Darling Girl are by far my favourite. The complexity and vibrancy of shades has to be seen to be believed. Here are three colours swatched for you.

DGC says "It's an indigo base with heavy red shift."

It's very rock chick - right up my alley.


DGC says "Persuasion is a gorgeous, medium lavender base with gold shift and turquoise sparkles."

It's like fairy puke! I love it so much. It makes me think of My Little Pony and mermaids, and all kinds of other girly things.


On-X (pronounced Onyx, I believe.)
DGC says "ON-X is a sheer black base with loads of rainbow star sprinkles."



Darling Girl Cosmetics are based in the US. They're sold in full sized jars (with 3/4 teaspoon of product approx.) at $5.90, and petit sizes (with 1/4 teaspoon of product approx.) at $2.50 (at the time of writing.)

You only need a TINY amount of product to cover a huge area. Every order over $10 gets a generous sample of product, which has varied every time I've ordered. I find DGC to be the company with the quickest turnaround time (out of the companies I've tried so far), usually about 2 weeks from order to arrival. If you're in the UK and keep your order under $18 (before postage), it won't be opened by customs and you will save yourself the trouble of having your parcel opened AND being charged for it. To give you an idea, once I forgot and went a couple of dollars over $18 and got charged over £11 to have my parcel opened by Royal Mail. Bum.

The only trouble with these eyeshadows is they're so gorgeous I can hardly bear to use them.

Have you tried anything by Darling Girl?

Thanks for reading!