Outfit post. A few shades of grey, but not fifty.


Husband-face and I went to do the weekly shop in Tesco earlier this evening. I spied the teeny tiny F&F True plus size section in there, which extended to about 10 items. In these few items was a pair of leopard leggings, so I snatched them up before I even thought about it. We had a £10 clothing voucher to use up from the Clubcard Exchange thingy so I bought the leggings and some socks. 

I grabbed a top out of the wardrobe which I thought had the same shade of grey as the leggings. Not quite! I think I'll wear a red or black top next time.

I wore this top out in Manchester last month. At the end of a long night, one of my friends was a bit tired and had a nap on the living room floor. Very gingerly I tip-toed past her taking care not to wake her, until the tail end of this top tickled her face, and I burst into a loud cackle. I have a filthy, filthy laugh. Luckily she stayed asleep ;)

Top - Very
Leggings - Tesco

I DIY-ed this top. It had massive voluminous pockets before and just hung all wrong. So I sliced the cowl neck off and undid the massive flap the pockets were made up of. That left me with a massive long section at the front, so I wear it back to front with the long bit at the back and cut a v neck into what now is the front. It's all a bit rough and ready, but I'm a rock chick, so I'm OK with it. The back section comes down to mid calf.

Have you ever got the scissors out to alter an outfit?

I think I'm going to buy an eyelet punch and some screw in studs to customise some clothes soon.

Thanks for reading!