New e.l.f. make up brushes

Hiya ladies! (and gents, if any are reading.)

I took advantage of e.l.f.'s £1 shipping to buy 2 brushes which I'd been after for ages - their Studio stipple brush and Studio powder brush. I also picked up a blusher as I *thought* I had the same shade before.

I bought both the powder brush and the stipple brush for liquid foundation. I've seen quite a few bloggers rave on about the powder brush for applying liquid foundation. Because the brush is so densely packed it means it picks up the product without being too 'thirsty' so it doesn't waste much product and it also does a great job of making your skin look dewy, not cakey. I used the powder brush today and it's really good. I haven't used the stipple brush yet, but I think I'll use it for areas where I need a more gentle action than the frantic 'wax on, wax off' circular method I use on the main part of my face. Buffing your liquid foundation in as I've described is a great way to stop it sinking into your pores or looking heavy. I tend to go up, down, left, right and do the aforementioned circles to make sure it's all buffed in properly. I think the stipple brush will be good around my eyes, where having the skin pulled about isn't a great idea. Both brushes are cruelty free with taklon bristles (synthetic animal hair.)

I bought this blusher 'Glow' because I thought I'd had the same shade before, but I hadn't, unless they've changed the formulation. The shade I was after was a sparkly peach, but this one isn't sparkly and is very powdery. I just tested it on the back of my hand with the brush inside - which is way too harsh to use with such a powdery product as this, by the way - and it was virtually undetectable and product fell away into the air when I blew on it. I will see how it goes over foundation and report back. The original blusher I had was a £1.50 one (before their pricing structure changed) so I need to go back and check the tiny label to see what the shade is.

Seriously e.l.f., a 3mm label with the product name on it is a tad too small for old birds like me to read, you know? :)

Right, I need to get into buying Christmas presents now and stop spending money on myself.

Have you bought any presents yet? I've done a bit but I've usually done a lot more by now than I have this year. We've had a hell of a year. I worked it out recently, since April we've been to Birmingham 3 times, Salisbury twice, Manchester, Mansfield, Cornwall, Winchester, Ware.... I think that's it, but that's not even including trips to London and Kent to see our families! We got married, hubby's brother got married and we've done thousands of miles in the car. It has been an expensive year, the most expensive ever. We have another trip to Manchester in 2 months, providing we aren't knee deep in snow by then, and then that's it for us, aside from heading off to see our families on the odd weekend here and there. Phew! I feel tired just thinking about it all.

What's your favourite make up brush manufacturer?

I love e.l.f. brushes and Eco Tools ones - the latter which can be found for a fraction of the price of the High St on eBay. I've bought 2 sets of 4 for less than the price of one set from Boots would've cost me.

Thanks for reading!