OOTD - Leopard love and Chucks

Hiya lovelies!

Here I am with another OOTD. Outfits were the things you asked for more of when I did a poll so I'm trying to get a few up each week at a minimum.

In the spirit of disclosure, this is my IBS belly. To my knowledge I'm not 3 months pregnant, but it looks like it, doesn't it?!

Love top, Yours clothing
Slashed leggings, Crazy Clearance (Simply Be.)
Cons, present from Lisa a couple of years ago
Faux leather bracelets, eBay
Zombie necklace, Extreme Largeness
Stone ring, New Look
Wedding & engagements rings courtesy of husband face ;)

I wouldn't wear this outfit out as I'm rather conscious of my bum and thighs, but hubby prefers me in form-fitting clothes. Last time I went out showing a bit of my bum some horrible cow rushed up behind me in the middle of the shopping centre and shouted 'That is disgusting!' I thought I looked fabulous so I didn't give a shit. To people like that I have this to 'say':

You can see my knickers. Oh well! As my mum would say 'At least you've got some on!'

Has a stranger ever been foul to you in public?