Channelling Peg Bundy - parody make up

Hi lovelies!

I hope you're having the start of a what'll be a great weekend.

A few days ago I felt glum so I decided to plaster on lots of make up, backcomb my hair and pose like my life depended on it to cheer myself up. Look good, feel good works and it's a damn sight cheaper than therapy! Peg Bundy is one of my style and fashion heroes, or should I say, sheroes. I ain't got no truck with subtle, so the women whose style I love the most are out and out fierce femmes - Bet Lynch (ex-Corrie character), Peg Bundy (Married With Children character), Pat Evans (ex-Eastenders character), Amber Rose, and Coco (wife of Ice-T.)

These women embody a don't give a stuff attitude, and I like that a lot. Bet Lynch was the queen of leopard print, Peg Bundy was the backcombing and spandex queen, Pat Evans was the giant earrings and clashing prints maven, and Amber Rose and Coco are all out there in their skintight clothes day to day, not giving a stuff.

On with the pics. As usual, you can click on 'em to make 'em bigger. Some of them have been darkened as the flash all but obliterated my nose. Those ones look really 'done'. These photos are meant to make you laugh, so feel free to exercise your laughing gear if the mood takes you.

I used this NYX set of eyeshadows, which I got from TK Maxx about 18 months ago. I used the teal on the bottom row, second left, the black on the 4th row down 3rd along, and the sparkly cream on the 4th row down, last one on the right.

Do you ever use make up as therapy? 
Do you ever do totally OTT looks just for fun?

Make up should be fun, I think, for everyone. Why should we have all the fun?! For example, I think Adam Lambert rocks his make up.

Life's too short not to take the piss out of ourselves occasionally, I feel.