Love EVERY Body #8 - Skin

Hiya pickles,

I totally forgot to post this yesterday because of all the stuff going on in my personal life. How crap am I, forgetting to do my own challenge?!
I was always pretty lucky with my skin. I didn't have too many problems with spots growing up (in fact I'm sure I had more in my 30s than in my teens) and prior to the drying effects of Fibromyalgia, my skin was really soft.

Nowadays it's drier, particularly on my lower legs, but there are still some areas which are velvety soft, like my boobs and chins. I should moisturise my body more often but I only remember to do it once a week, if that. I drink a lot of water to try to moisturise myself from the inside out, and good oils like olive and coconut are good for your skin too.

I've always been very pale throughout the cold months, but I colour well in the summer effortlessly. I don't seek out the sun by any means, but if I catch the sun walking about I do like it. Normally my face is a hodge podge - I have really pale skin, loads of freckles and high red colouring too, which makes using foundation a pain as I never know which colour to wear to hide it all. In the summer the tan and freckles kind of mask any redness, and I really enjoy getting away with a bit of concealer and nothing else.

I take good care of the skin on my face - I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day and hardly ever go to bed with make up on. I'm getting some fierce eye bags now and have noticed a bit of crepiness on the skin along my jawline, but I don't think I look too bad in the face for a 40 year old. My deepest lines are frown lines, because I always frown when I'm thinking. 

I am vain though, and I'm not looking forward to the prospect of jowls and saggy upper eyelids as the years crawl on, by any means. My nan had gorgeous soft skin up until her death at 70 so I hope to take after her.

As time goes on I find I spend less on make up and more on skin care, because having a good base for the make up to go on is essential. 

Of course one of my favourite things to do with my skin is tattoo it. I'm rubbish at saving for tattoos and keep spending all my money on dresses, but I have about 4 more tattoos planned out so far. You can read about my tattoos here.

How do you feel about your skin?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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