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Hello sweet peas!


Many of you expressed an interest in Wingz on my post about the ingenious arm cover the other day. In case you didn't see my original post Wingz are an undergarment with sleeves so you can easily add arm cover to a sleeveless outfit without unnecessary bulk. They're a great way to add versatility to a sleeveless outfit and/or make clothes more work-appropriate without boiling under extra layers. They come in sizes 8-28 and cost £14.99 to £17.99 (before discount.)

I'm thrilled to say the owner of Wingz Michelle Ellis has created an EXCLUSIVE discount code for my readers and I.

It's valid for 10 days from now and you can shop HERE. Just put justlea in the coupon code box on the checkout page.

Here are a few designs I have my eyes on.




Michelle also sells clothing for tall ladies, up to a size 28. I'm not tall (I'm 5ft 5 - and a half!), but this cheesecloth beach dress is right up my alley (you know how much I love beachwear as everyday wear!) and would probably be a glorious ankle length on short ol' me. If you're a tall lass, check out the website, there are lots of lovely designs which make me want to sleep in a grow bag.

Michelle also has a website and support group for Lipoedema called Lipoedema Ladies so if you know someone who has it, please feel free to share the link with them. You can read more about Lipoedema here.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your Wingz here.

If you're getting some, let me know which ones you choose!

Thanks for reading,
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