Outfit: Oversized paisley


I hope this finds you well. Today is V Day in our household. Vasectomy day is here. I have a post planned after James has recovered discussing the process for anyone out there who might have any questions. That can keep until he's recovered, and let's hope it's as painless as possible, because that man of mine is a grade A wuss! Bwahaha.

I fancied a kind of relaxed around-the-house look this day, but not so relaxed I have crisp crumbs in my bra and hair like Beetlejuice. Although to be fair, I DO have some wild hair in these photos as it was a very windy day.

I bought the top from Everything 5 Pounds months ago. I've actually stopped visiting 5 pound websites as the urge to think 'Oh, it's only a fiver!' then slap on a few more things to make the postage worthwhile is a false economy.

Top, Everything 5 Pounds
Leggings, M&S
Shoes, old Evans
Chain bracelet & necklace, Sister Vintage (on hiatus for the next couple of months.)
Wooden bracelet, old ASOS

These leggings are a size 24 and my bum is definitely not that size. Thank you fashion gods for stretch. Try things and you never know your luck!

I picked out a bag to wear with this outfit, padded it out so it didn't look sad and empty, then totally forgot to use it. D'oh! It's giving me side eyes from across the room.

I have an almost Amy Winehouse amount of eyeliner on in these photos. It was one of those days where each mistake called for a thicker line, until almost my whole bloody lid was eyeliner. This turned out to be a bad move later when I read this Buzzfeed post about a dog's last day on earth. Cue snotfest and mild Alice Cooper face. HAVE TISSUES READY. No, seriously, even if like me you think 'I'm not going to cry.' Tell me you didn't cry and I may need proof you're not a cyborg.

What else have I got coming up this week?! Some pretty new make up from Makeup Revolution, some eco (and purse-) friendly washable cleansing pads, and s'more clothes on my person.

Have a great week, and I'll let you know what kind of state my husband's testes are in soon. I bet you're all dying for that update! Bwahahaha.


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