Asos Curve Beach Maxi Dress In Cheesecloth

Hello lovelies,

I snapped this dress up for £15 in the ASOS Curve sale, knowing how airy cheesecloth is in summer. I love to wear khaki in summer as it suits me once I've picked up a bit of a tan.

It's totally see through, so do bear that in mind, and the V at the front is so deep I'm wearing a vest top underneath to protect my modesty. I'm also wearing another pair of Wingz.

Beach Maxi Dress In Cheesecloth, ASOS Curve
Vest, old Simply Be
Wingz, FatPhrocks
Earrings, Primark
Shoes, old Evans
Bracelet, eBay

Other than hubby's sperm making facilities going into shutdown next week and my poor uncle's cancer battle, life is shitting on us further. Some absolute shit smashed the rear windscreen on our less-than-2-week-old car yesterday. They say when it rains it pours, and they're not wrong.

I'm trying really hard to stay positive, but it's difficult to dredge up optimism for posting right now. Visiting my aunt and uncle on Saturday was one of the most awful things I've ever experienced. He is fading away. I took one look at him in bed and tears sprang from my eyes. I held his hand and rubbed it for about 20 minutes and told him I'm so sorry this is happening to him. He's a bag of bones and my poor aunt is inconsolable. All I could do was hold her hand, rub her back, hug her or let her lean on me for comfort while she cried. We also did a small food shop as she wasn't eating well (and who could blame her?) It's awful. I just want to drop everything and be there. I've been shocked by how draining worrying is. I feel so tired, so God alone knows how my aunt is feeling.

Thankfully she has a lot of help. My mum and step dad are there almost every day, my other aunts and uncles are visiting and she also has visitors from a local hospice every evening (until morning) so she can try to rest. There will be carers coming in every day from now on to help wash and dress him, and he'll also be having day care at a local hospice to make sure his pain is under control and that he eats. They're also waiting for a hospital bed to be delivered so he doesn't have to navigate the stairs any more.

Do me a favour? Next time you see your loved ones (even the ones who you may have a difficult relationship with) give them a hug if you can, and if they ask why, say 'Just because.' Most of us dare not show 'too much' affection to people until it's almost too late. I don't know why we're scared of revealing the softer parts of ourselves until someone is desperately ill, but I feel it's often the case.

Thanks for reading.

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