Black & grey, like my favourite tattoos

Hiya pickles!

Happy Saturday.

I'm wearing another sale skirt from Simply Be. It was down to £6 and I had a 15% off code so I got this one for £5.10. Not bad at all. I decided to wear my 'suck and tuck' (sucked in and tucked up) long legged knickers from Gok Wan with this dress. I have a slightly smoother silhouette than I did in the post I just linked to. I'm not sure which I prefer. Both natural and smoothed down looks are good, although you can see the outline of my pull-in pants under the skirt today. I'd never have the patience to wear control wear all the time (especially when it's hot!) so I'm sure there'll be lots of me au naturel to come.

Skirt, Simply Be
Top, given to me by Mookie
Belt, ASOS Curve
Necklace, Extreme Largeness
Shoes, Very sale

The bag I'm holding is actually my cousin's make up bag. Leave things at my place and they risk ending up in an outfit post. ;)

Have a good weekend whatever you're up to! I'm going to see my uncle today.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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