Out takes from my last outfit post

Hello love bugs,

The Mr took so many photos on Sunday of my outfit and the scenery that I have some more to share. He did really well considering I was under the shadow of the tall net huts one minute and standing in glorious sunshine the next. He's an uneasy photographer I'd say, less certain of things like ISO settings and F-stops than I am, but he's really improved over the months and I'm glad he's willing to put up with me flouncing around for blog photos.

In case you didn't read Monday's post, I'm wearing a dress by Scarlett & Jo from House of Fraser.

Being dwarfed by the net huts.

I love this gnarled ol' tree.

Looking bored of life, ha!

Here are a few Instagram photos of the day too.

Thanks for peeping!

Leah xoxo

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