Being a mermaid in Crown & Glory

Hello lovelies!

I wrote about the contents of March's Crown & Glory Gliterrati box here. In that post you can read more about what the Glitterati box is. I dressed up in an arty farty way to wear these pieces. I did my makeup in my interpretation of a mermaid style and wore a shimmery blue piece of material to bring on those mermaid vibes. Here are some of those photos.

Crown & Glory metallic fish scale print turban
Metallic fish scale print turban

Crown & Glory Candy clam shell clip
Candy clam shell clip

Crown & Glory nautical bobby pin pair
Nautical bobby pin pair

Crown & Glory twist rope headband
Twist rope headband

Crown & Glory pearl encrusted hair elastic
Resting bitchface mermaid in pearl encrusted hair elastic

The twist rope headband is very similar to one my friend bought me for Christmas, which you can see here. My favourite things this month are a tie between the candy clam shell clip (which I might see if I can add a brooch back to as I'd love it as a brooch!) and the pearl encrusted hair elastic, which is so versatile. I also adore the fish scale turban. Shiny shiny! 

I might do more themed looks for future Glitterati boxes if they have a theme I can put my spin on. 

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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