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Hello lovelies!

I had to pop out to the post office to post a parcel yesterday so here's what I wore. I was rushing around as usual so I had very little makeup on. It's amazing what difference 2 minutes can make to a bare face, though!

My septum piercing has healed up enough now to get my septum clicker in. It's bigger than I was expecting, but I don't exactly do shy and retiring so I don't mind. I love the opalescent stones.
Shiny hair, and you can see it's redder at the front where my grey catches the henna more

As I sit writing this (Weds eve) I'm having an allergic reaction to my shampoo or conditioner from my hair wash today. I've been using them for months with no problems. Chemical sensitivity is another problem Fibromyalgia causes and I never know when it'll strike, even if I have previously got on with a product. My whole face is tender and itchy from my scalp down to my chin. I've taken an antihistamine and I hope it kicks in before I claw my face to bits!
My range of emotions - happy Leah, very happy Leah, bitchface Leah ;)

I'm wearing:
Septum clicker, Amazon
Scarf, eBy
Jacket, Asda size 24 (very oversized) no longer online, check stores
Maxi dress past season New Look Inspire (size 30)
Belt from 3 pack, ASOS Curve (size 26-28 very oversized - I think I'm using the smallest hole)
Shoes from a friend

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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