Outfit | ASOS Curve midi lace dress

Hello sweet peas!

I decided I NEED a pale lace dress in my life for that hippy/boho/70s vibe that's going to be so big this year.

I'm giving up shades of cowgirl and hippy chick here, I think. All I need is a field behind me and a stalk of grass in my mouth, and maybe a cow to recline next to slightly. Too much? Yeah, maybe! ;)

I meant to wear tan boots with this outfit and then totally forgot, oops. I'll probably re-jig this outfit at some point with tan boots and a tan belt. I dug these shoes out of a bag of stuff for the charity shop. When I was pissed off with Matalan last summer I threw everything I owned from them in a bag to donate, but since we're on a spending ban with a view to saving up to move it'd be daft to give hardly worn things away. It shows how long I take to send things down the charity shop as well, sheesh! It's kind of against the spirit of 40 bags in 40 days to take stuff out of the bags, but since I've cleared out my books, DVDs and CDs to donate as well as a bunch of other stuff I don't feel too guilty. I've gotta plough on with 40BI40D soon, I've been feeling the presence of the black dog the last few days and have spent a lot of time asleep or reading. Meh. The clocks will have gone forward by the time you read this so brighter days are ahead - literally!

I'm wearing:

Hat, local souvenir shop
Daisy necklace, eBay
Wooden earrings, old ASOS
Bracelet, eBay
ASOS Curve midi lace dress size 26
Denim shirt, past Everything 5 Pounds
Shoes, past season Matalan
Bag, past season Primark

Thanks for reading,

Leah xoxo

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