Life Lately #5

Hello pickles,

I thought I'd write a post about the things I've been doing up to recently. I've been reading up a storm! I've read 2 more books in the few days since this was taken. The Nightingale is SO good. I cried at the end - like a baby. It's well worth a read. The Girl on the Train is amazing too. I read it in one evening, I couldn't put it down.
Stray hair, oops!

Short reviews coming soon, hopefully!

I got my new camera and case - both of which were picked by James. It's the Sony A5000. You know I did that post recently about 10 great things about going out with a geek? I take it all back. All of it. There's nothing like being told what you want to buy with your own birthday money, is there? ;)

On a serious note I didn't have enough money to buy it with birthday money (and the voucher I won from Curry's last year) alone, so he did contribute 1/3 of the cost. I just would've liked some choice in the matter! :O I had wanted a camcorder initially, but he talked me out of that (thanks) then he saw an episode of the Gadget Show which was raving on about mirrorless cameras, which are the next big thing grown men get wowzers in their trousers over apparently, and here I am with one! It's just like The Simpsons when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball, knowing full well she doesn't bowl. ;)

To be fair, I can't lug the big heavy DLSR around with me all the time, so I'd wanted a camera small enough to put in my handbag. You never know when something photo-worthy will pop up, and it's nice to have a slightly better quality camera than my phone on me. Plus this will up my selfie game! Yuss!

It has auto focus on the video so hopefully I can do YouTube videos on it. It has a screen you can flip up so you can see yourself while you're talking but it won't be as good for Youtube as a camcorder would've been obviously.

I'm getting to know it - slowly - as it's very different from my DSLR, obviously. The Sony editing software is amazing, I have to say, and aside from a scroll wheel which constantly changes the chuffing settings every time I accidentally touch it, it's pretty good. The photos are great, and I've only got a few month's rent money in the swear jar so far trying to learn about it. ;)

Here's a bit more fuel to my non-dairy-eating fire here. I had a bit of an intense day yesterday and hadn't eaten all day, and about 6pm James asked me if there was any tea he could put on for me. He's Mr can't cook won't cook, so I told him there was a cheese pizza in the freezer which needed using up and he put it in the oven for me. I ate it (after having a few totally dairy free days) and this is what happened to my face straight afterwards. It stayed like that for 6 hours (and counting, at the time of writing) afterwards and I've been coughing too. Cheese is definitely no friend of mine!

All these months I've been using up industrial quantities of heavy duty concealer and all along it was bloody cheese!! Well I never! I had a smaller reaction a few days ago when I had a bit of cheese but I only went slightly red then. This time there was a lot of cheese as it was on a pizza and this is what happened. It feels roasting hot to the touch and is really sore.

What else is going on?! Ah yes, my step dad is in hospital as they think his gall bladder is infected. He hadn't been well for a few weeks and has gone downhill suddenly. I bet he's been putting up with it for months and now it's all come to a head. Hopefully he'll be dealt with quickly, although I doubt it as their local hospital is hideous. Fingers crossed though!

What are you up to this weekend? We're taking Rach and JP to meet Mookie and Mike. It should be fun. Have a great weekend.
Leah xoxo

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