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Sleek Makeup is one of my favourite makeup brands. I love their pigmented products at pocket-friendly prices, their cruelty free status and their wide range of colours to suit almost all skin tones.

I find their blush products particularly good. A single blush is £4.49, but it's far more cost-effective to get a Blush By 3, three full sized blushers in a mirrored palette for just £10. They're available in 7 colourways on the website currently, and they're brilliant.

This blush palette is called Pink Lemonade, and has 2 powder blushes and a cream blush in the middle.

Now, there's some argument about the individual blush names on various different beauty blogs. Looking at the palette from underneath but facing up the shades read Pink Mint, Macaroon, Icing Sugar, which some blogs list L-R. But if you turn it over to look at it they read Icing Sugar, Macaroon, Pink Mint and some other bloggers have that order L-R. There's no clarification to be found on the website as the individual blush shades are named differently to in the palettes (I'm not even sure if all the colours in the Blush by 3's are available singly - some might be limited edition.) Bloody hell, whoever said makeup was simple?! I guess it doesn't matter, but to save confusion I'm going with on the left/the first shade - a gorgeous pink powder blush with fine sparkle. In the middle we have Macaroon, a gorgeous pink cream blush, and the third shade is a ruddy coral powder blush. My favourite of the three is the first colour, which makes me feel like I'm a 5 year old obsessed with princesses again.

Out of focus shot so you can see the sparkle in the first shade

The third shade looks a little daunting in the pan but it's actually quite lovely on - I'm wearing it here. (I'm also wearing green shades from the Sleek Original eyeshadow palette which I talked about recently.)

You can buy Sleek on their website, in selected Superdrug stores and on

What are your favourite makeup brands?

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