Wishlist | Pink to make the girls wink

Hello lovelies!

I know the old saying is 'Pink to make the boys wink!' but sod that, I dress for me not for any man. Here are some pink pretties which have caught my eye recently. Links below each photo if you want to get your shop on, and all photos belong to each company.

I Love Crafty candy glitter dreams necklace large £30, regular £20
Lindy Bop Sandy pink polka dot swing dress £29.99 sizes 8-26
Callie's classic ballet pumps £10 (down from £15 at the moment.)
I Love Crafty Donut bangle £25

Paper and String handmade ice creams £6.50 each
Lady Voluptuous pink flamingo Phoebe dress £55 currently out of stock but should return soon sizes 16-30/32
Lady Voluptuous lips full circle skirt £35 sizes 16-30/32
River Island fluffy across body bag £30 via ASOS

Have you seen anything you like? I'm particularly enamoured with the Callies polka dot shoes, which also come in black, yellow, blue and red, and also in all those colours in stripes too. My polka dot addiction sadly knows no bounds.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!
Leah xoxo

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