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Hello loves!

I have had limited success with peplum tops in the past, mainly because they weren't long enough or structured enough for my liking. I bought a dip hem scuba peplum top from ASOS Curve in the sale about a month ago and it's pretty damn awesome. Don't despair if you don't get peplums, you just might not have found the right one for you. Prior to this I was meh about them, and now I'm YEAH. This particular top is sold out now but I've got some peplum tips at the end of the post, so take a peek.

I don't look amused! I call this my Queen Victoria look.

It's just what I was looking for - a little coverage over the butt but not too long at the front. I think I just found my holy grail of peplums! I'm wearing a size 26 as I wanted a cleavage-boosting tight fit across the boobs, but I would've needed to size down to a 24 for that....and I ain't got time for endless trips to the Collection+ point or post office. Heeeeyell no. I hazard a guess and stick to it most of the time.

I was jamming out to Proud Mary by Tina Turner while taking the photos below. I LOVE that song! I've just put in on again. *dance party*

My peplum tips:

1. Structure. I've got a couple of jersey peplum tops and they don't flow over my body, they just kinda... flop. Scuba is a great material for peplums as it has form. It juts out in all the right places. It follows the lines of your body and just adds a bit more. Ideally, you want a stiff or structured fabric.
2. Coverage. What do you want to accentuate? Is there something you're not confident about and want to cover up, like your arms? I wanted a peplum long enough to cover some of my belly, butt and thighs but I didn't want to be drowning in fabric, so this graduated style is perfect. I wasn't too bothered about sleeves, but there are all kinds available - short sleeved, long sleeved, sleeveless, one shoulder etc.
3. Proportions. Bear in mind how tall you are and how long your torso is. I'm 5 ft 5 and have a short torso (there's a short gap between my waist and boobs) - so I need the two parts of the top to be of equal length - both the main part of the top and the peplum part. I've failed before with tops which were long in the main part and short in the peplum, so they were drawing attention to a wider part of my body. Ideally, you want the peplum part to start at your narrowest point, which for me is just below my boobs. This top hits it spot on.
4. Accessorise that mofo! Belts look great over a peplum.
5. Not just tops. You can get peplum hem skirts, peplum belts, even peplum hem jackets and coats. Would you double peplum?! I'm not sure I would.
6. Contrast. I don't know why, but every time I think about wearing a peplum I really want to mix things up - lace and pleather, prints and block colours, denim and knit, rough textures and smooth.

If you want some styling ideas, have a look at my Pinterest board here. I actually love the look of peplums over trousers or jeans, so I'm going to try that myself soon. And check out my previous peplum attempts: DIY peplum here, too short peplum here.

Remember - if something isn't right on you, it's the clothes, not your body. Prior to finding this top I thought I wasn't cut out for wearing peplums, when I'd just been trying all the wrong ones. It's never your body, always the clothes. Next time you're about to bash your body for something, just think there are clothes out there to suit every permutation of body, every diverse and wonderful shape humans come in. Just experiment and have fun. That's all I've been doing for the last 3 years - trying everything I can lay my hands on - and I've learned more about what suits me in these short years than the rest of my life beforehand!

I'm wearing:
Hairband, Crown & Glory Glitterati box
Necklace, from my friend Rebs
Peplum top, ASOS Curve
Skirt, Very.co.uk
Shoes, old Evans

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

*If I ever hear the word peplum again I swear I'm going to bite someone. ;)

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