Plus Size Promises

Hello lovelies!

The wonderful Debz - creator of We Are The They - has taken inspiration from Katt who promised herself some things this summer with regards to her body. Because Debz is so brilliant at uniting us plus size ladies, there are a whole bunch of us who've got together to make our bodies promises.

So, I promise:

  1. If I'm hot, I will wear the clothes which the weather dictates. If it is a hot day, I will take a cardigan off and bare my arms. If I feel the urge to get my poor mottled corn-beef Fibro-affected shins out, I shall. I will NOT put everyone else's comfort before my own.
  2. To put myself number one, to listen to my body's needs, and drink plenty of water and eat food which makes my body feel vital and well. To exercise in ways that make me happy, such as going on a walk to take photos for the blog, to have a dance around the living room, or do some stretching exercises when I'm in pain.
  3. To concentrate more of the joy of putting outfits together to express myself/convey my personality, rather than feeling the blogger pressure to have new things all the time. I've fallen into the trap of thinking everyone wants new, new, new all the time and I'm sure it's not true. I seem to have fallen out of sync with what got me blogging in the first place - the joy of sharing simple outfits. The mundane, every day stuff as well as the pretty, polished stuff. I feel another month long outfit challenge coming on so I can get back into the swing of things - does anyone want to join me? Starting in July perhaps so we have time to prepare? 
  4. I promise to make more effort with body positivity - both my own, and helping people to foster theirs. I've learned a lot about my body and loving yourself no matter what over the last few years and I need to share that with others who may need a guiding hand. Maybe I'll take a leaf out of Courtney Mina's book and post some underwear selfies on Instagram every day for a week!
  5. I promise to keep reminding myself that most of society is sick, and THAT is the problem, not my body. Bodies have always existed in all shapes and sizes, but in this modern age body fascism seems to be everyone's favourite hobby. From health 'professionals' down to Neanderthals in the street, everyone has advice for us. I promise to continue batting that toxic shit away from me and being the best, most vital, most authentic me I can be. And to the haters, this face says it all. :)

What would you promise yourself? Thanks for reading!

I'm going to have a couple of days off blogging as my step dad is in hospital, so have a great weekend and I'll catch you on the other side.
Leah xoxo

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