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Hiya sweets,

I saw this video by Chastity Garner circulating on Facebook recently and immediately wanted to recreate it. You know when you really want to know how to do something but don't want to look like a doofus and instead say nothing? That. I saw this video probably 2 years after I first wondered how to do this with a scarf.

I did another head wrap with a scarf in a previous outfit but it was much less fancy than this one. Gemma used to do this exact thing with a scarf and it looked amazing but I was too shy to ask her how. It looks effortlessly chic and takes no time at all. Where Chastity threads the ends through the rest of the twists, I fold it underneath and tuck it in at the forehead, and then it keeps any annoying fringe tendrils tucked inside too.

Please excuse the photos, I had some dust on the lens and didn't realise until afterwards.

I bought this vastly oversized dress from H&M when it was down from £12.99 to £7.99 recently and it's really thin and transparent but ideal for what I have in mind - wearing it on holiday abroad next year. I often dress with a vibe or situation in mind, and my idea for this outfit was a day at the beach whilst protecting my hair from the sun. Yeah, I'm a weirdo as I dress for situations that aren't going to occur for months, if ever. I love being whimsical and day dreamy-y with fashion!

We're going away to Spain with Mookie and Mike next year and I'm already so excited, hence buying this dress, which will be great thrown on over a swimming costume.

I consider myself like the Star Trek of fat fashion, boldly exploring new brands and sizes too small or big to find out how things fit so I can report back for people of varying sizes. I'd never seen a 4X on H&M so I ordered one to see what the fit was like. It's big, very big! I'd say this dress would easily fit someone of a size 32-34 and maybe more. By now you might have realised I have a thing for oversized everything (apart from when I'm doing body con) but then what woman isn't an enigma?! :)

The scarf I'm wearing today was given to me by my friend's mum (hello Linda!) and will get much use as I love leopard print hard. I don't know where it's from though, as I find questioning the provenance of gifts to be rude.

I'm wearing:
Scarf, gift
Jersey dress, H&M+ also available in cobalt and grey
Shoes, previous Everything 5 Pounds.

When you know you're going on holiday, how soon do you start shopping for it? I'm actually going away for a few days again in July, so I might take this dress with me then, too. I always look forward to foreign holidays more though, so I tend to buy more stuff for them than holidays in the UK.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

P.S. The more eagle eyed of you (longer readers particularly) might notice my shins are still marked from my accident in the sea last summer. I'm sick of worrying about them, hiding them, trying to conceal the bruises either digitally in photos or with foundation before I do photos. For some reason my skin is super weird and has been as long as I've had Fibromyalgia. I'm done fighting it. It's part of me now, ugly as it may be. Sometimes it's easier to just let go. Coping strategies for insecurities are constructed to make us feel safer ('I have X problem so I'll use Y behaviour to hide it') but letting go of the hang ups can be joyous and freeing. I'm done holding onto this crap.

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