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I recently made an order with Freedom Makeup London, the sister company to Makeup Revolution. They also do £1 lipsticks, and as soon as I saw the Far Away Galaxy collection I had to have it. It's inspired by Star Wars and the names are all Star Wars themed. I adore strangely coloured lipsticks, and at a pound each you can't go wrong.

Freedom Makeup Far Away Galaxy swatches review

Freedom Makeup Far Away Galaxy Star Wars themed collection beauty

Far Away - looks blue in the bullet but is more purple on my lips
Sky-walker - a gunmetal silver grey
Space Luxe - a coppery gold
Stormtrooper - white and not as scary on as I was expecting
The Sith - a blackened blue

Freedom Makeup Far Away Galaxy collection nerdy Star Wars silver gold white blue lipsticks

The hardest two to work with are the first and last shades. I was most surprised by Stormtrooper, which I expected to look vile. I really like it. The containers are far better than Makeup Rev's, which tend to be stiff and hard to use. I found the silver, gold and white to be quite creamy and easy to use and the darker shades a little patchy, but I might try them over the top of another dark lipstick next time. Longevity on me for these kinds of lipsticks is usually the 2-3 hours mark. Most of the colours are quite nuanced in the bullet, but perhaps that doesn't come out so much in the swatches themselves. Either way, for £1 I'm more than impressed.

You can buy all 5 lipsticks here.

Here's me wearing the gold shade, Space Luxe.

Freedom Makeup London £1 lipstick in gold

Have you seen the Freedom makeup website yet? I really like the look of their £4 eyeshadow palettes as well, not that I need any more eyeshadow.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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