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Hello lovelies!

James and I went to Bluewater yesterday with my friends Rach and JP, and we met lots of lovely people there - Mookie and her hubby Mike, Abi, Caroline and Vicky. Rach wanted to meet Mookie as she's been friends with her on Facebook for a while, and it also gave us lots of time with Rach and JP.

I tried on a whole bunch of stuff from Scarlett & Jo and brought home one of these beauties with me.


Boobs! Bra also from Evans

Me, Vicky, Mookie

S & Jo angels!

Abi and I

Top photo credit Caroline. Bottom mum & Rach/James

I had to leave after lunch as we were going to see my step dad at the hospital. My brother was there when we got there, so it was good to see him too. Pete's doing really well. He actually had 3 days of intensive chemo (instead of two) and now he can eat again. He hadn't been able to eat at all for about 3 weeks (because his growth was blocking the path to his bowel) and he was only eating tiny amounts for a few weeks before that. So now he can start to build his strength back up. I printed off a lot of well wishes from people on Facebook and he cried reading them all. They really lifted his spirits. I told him he has far more supporters than he knows. Next time I'll print off more well wishes from other places to cheer him up. I gave him his Father's Day card. He's not my dad but he's been there for me for the last 20 years and I view him as a bonus parent. :)

After the hospital, we went back to Bluewater so my mum could meet Mookie and Mike, who'd very kindly bought her some sweet treats and a card. Vicky had gone home, but everyone else was still there and mum got hugs from everyone when we arrived and left, which really cheered her up, so that was lovely. We quickly nipped to the pub to see my dad for Father's Day and buy him a couple of pints, nipped round to my mum's to help her prepare for Pete coming home (in about a week with luck) and then James drove us home. Phew. It was a really busy day but a really nice one.

I bought the black dress from Scarlett & Jo, the one me and Abi are both wearing. I'll do an outfit post in it soon! We tried on mostly the same things, we have the same taste. :) She also bought the black dress. I posted the first photo above on Instagram and Facebook this morning - the one of the prom dress with short sleeves and mesh - regretting not buying it yesterday as it looks so bloody good on! I went onto the Evans website and it was sold out in my size, so my friend who lives near Bluewater said she'd pick one up for me. I rang Evans and spoke to a lovely lady who put one in my size aside (the last one in my size, it was fate!) and Isobel picked it up for me tonight. Yay. I'll pick it up next time I go visit my mum and step dad.

Mookie and some of the other ladies may have more photos from the day. I didn't take many.

What did you do this weekend?
Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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