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Guess what song I have in my head now?! Head to the bottom of the post to listen to the video while you read, if you like. :)

This is what I wore when we went to see my mum and step dad last weekend. Whenever we're going somewhere in the car I like to wear my comfies.

Here are my tips for comfortable travel by car

I wear billowing clothes in soft materials when I'm spending a long time in the car. There's nothing worse than being tossed around wearing something tight and uncomfortable. I need soft fabrics at the best of times because Fibromyalgia makes my skin very sensitive. I always have a scarf on me because I'm often cold (then hot, then cold, then hot again - story of my life!) and if James is warm in the car I can wrap a huge pashmina type scarf around myself so he doesn't have to swelter to keep me warm. I prefer to wear slip-on shoes for travel, nothing fussy with laces or buckles so I can kick them off when my feet hurt. My feet hurt even when I'm sitting down. Just the weight of them resting on the floor can be really painful - I've considered taking a cushion with me on car journeys before to put my feet up a bit. I suppose one of those blow up travel pillows is a good idea, because you could use it if you have a nap too. You could keep one in the glove box. 

I don't generally wear necklaces when we're going somewhere by car as the seatbelt can break or damage necklaces if James brakes suddenly - I've had that happen before. Remember to take water and some snacks with you - I normally put something in my bag like a snack bar or we'll stop at a garage. If we're going on a really long trip, getting out of the car for a stretch every hour or so is essential, or else I'll be in even worse pain at the other end. The vibrations from the car, rough road surfaces, sudden braking etc all take their toll and make me feel like chopped meat at the other end.  Also, plan out your comfort breaks if like me you have tummy or bladder trouble. I have an irritable bladder and if it's too full or too empty (stupid bloody thing!) I have lots of discomfort. I call it pterodactyls in my bladder. If it's in the couple of weeks before period time, I get about 20 seconds warning before I need a pee NOW, which is always amusing. Long trips before or around my period are not a good idea. :D

I'm wearing:

Hair flower, Peacocks
Yours Clothing oversized t shirt with dipped hem
Yours Clothing lace trim cropped leggings
Scarf,  past season Elvi
Shoes, past Everything 5 Pounds. (I always size up to an 8 in E5P shoes as they're small fitting. I normally take a 7.)

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I LOVE that song!

Do you have any more trips for comfortable car travel? Share 'em in the comments.
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