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I'm wearing a really relaxed stay-around-the-house kind of outfit that I wouldn't be ashamed to go out in if I had to. Goals, eh?

I feel too plain in block colours, so when I'm doing casual I always feel the need to break it up with some kind of pattern. I bought this kind of tribal print top in a charity top a couple of weeks ago for just a few pounds. I love this warm colour palette - rusty orange, black and brown. This is actually my favourite outfit of late as it's presentable without pretence. I get so caught up in blogger world sometimes that I forget I'm just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life. Once again I got sucked into the kinda glossy magazine type blogs who have unlimited budget or are sent errrrthang for review. The source of my unhappiness is feeling like I have to keep up with that. Blogging can be so stressful - it's as competitive as all hell and it's very easy to never feel like I'm good enough. Sometimes it's good to remind myself not to get caught up in that crap, even though it's insidious. I guess it's human nature to seek some kind of validation for work put into something as personal as a blog.

These harem pants are so comfy it's unreal. They even have pockets! I had a wardrobe clear out today to see what's what since I've gone down about a size in the last month and I found these at the bottom of one of my wardrobes. I'm so glad I kept these, because I have rediscovered my love for them (even though they have a hole on the bum!) Wearing airy jersey fabric on hot, humid days like we're having here at the moment is essential for me. I hate fabrics that make me clammy. I think a lot of my happiness in these photos is coming across because I'm in soft clothes that don't irritate my skin. It's good to feel comfortable aesthetically with what you're wearing and be comfortable in what you're wearing.

I'm wearing:

Hair flower, eBay
Top, F&F from Tesco size 26 via British Heart Foundation
Harem pants, old Simply Be
Brown shoes, Everything 5 Pounds.

What do you wear on hot, humid days?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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