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Hello lovely people,

A while back I won a competition on London Beauty Queen to bag the whole Collection Cosmetics Field Day Spring-themed makeup set. Collection was previously called Collection 2000 and is an affordable and cruelty free company.

My took a while to arrive (directly from Collection) and Hayley kept in touch brilliantly throughout, and when it arrived they'd popped in some extra bits to apologise for the wait.

Collection Cosmetics Field Day swatches

Collection Cosmetics Field Day makeup collection

The Field Day collection is made up of 3 lipsticks, 3 nail polishes and 2 eye crayons. (They also popped in a lip balm, mascara and bronzer which aren't part of the Field Day line.)

Collection Cosmetics Field Day

The lipsticks are Pink Rose (matte, first lip swatch below) and Tulip (matte, 2nd swatch down) and Fuchsia (gloss, 3rd swatch down.) The lip balm is called Orange Burst, which is a moisturising glossy peach with some shimmer (last lip swatch.) I didn't test for longevity as I was swatching one after the other, but matte lipsticks always last longer on me than glossy ones. I'd expect to find about 3 hours wear from the matte shades and 2 from the gloss, as that's usually the case with most lipsticks on me. I don't mind re-applying though, as I love looking at my face. ;)

Collection Cosmetics Field Day lipstick swatches
I need a 'tache wax!

The eye pencils are Summer Meadow (green) and Golden Sun (gold) and they do NOT budge easily at all. I usually avoid eye pencils as they normally crease and look awful on me. I did find with these that they settled into my eyes after about half an hour as my natural oils kicked in, and they needed a little top up of colour to be completely opaque, but after that they didn't move. No creasing, no disappearing act. Colour me impressed.

Collection Cosmetics Field Day review

The mascara is a waterproof black lengthening mascara with a thin, flexible wand. The formula is quite dry, and gives that slightly crispy lashes look which is common in waterproof mascara. It's not the most lengthening mascara I've ever used, but I don't need any additional length anyway as my lashes already smudge my glasses all day long. It didn't clump, which I'm really impressed about. I hate clumpy mascara with a passion.

The bronzer is shade 2, medium and has fine shimmer. I used it lightly under my cheekbones. Check out all my freckles already! My gosh.

Collection Cosmetics Field Day swatches

The polishes are Heather, a mushroom shade, Peony (pink) and Peach Blossom. I used 3 coats to get a fully opaque finish. I find Peony to have the best formula of the three. The other two were a bit streaky.

Boots seem to have the best availability of Field Day. Lipsticks £2.99. Eye pencils £3.19. Nail polishes £1.99. Obviously at these prices you're not getting MAC, but if you want to experiment with colour and not hurt any bunnies in the process, you can't go wrong.

Thanks for reading. Have you tried anything by Collection, or anything in the Field Day collection?

Leah xoxo

Disclosure: I won this.

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