Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic

Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic //

A few weeks ago on Instagram someone I follow put up a photo of them wearing mustard and a red checked shirt and it inspired me so much I bought a red checked shirt so I could recreate it. I've loved checked shirts since the early 90s, when I fell in love with Pearl Jam and the whole grunge scene and I basically wanted to be Eddie Vedder. 😉 (How cool is it that Blogger now has emoticons in the post editor?)

Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic //

I love wearing mustard at this time of year and I'm 1/4 Scottish so I love checks and tartans all year round. I have a pink checked shirt which I've had for over 20 years and it's still going strong. Thank you Evans for a quality garment!

Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic //

The jumper is an old one from Tu at Sainsbury's but there should be plenty of mustard t-shirts and jumpers around at this time of the year.

Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic //
I really love this shot as it shows the roundness of my belly
James took this photo below as a joke after taking close ups of my shoes. He said it's not very flattering but I really like it. Of course I'm pulling a stupid face because I'm almost always pulling a stupid face. Anyone who's watched my Instagram stories can attest to this. Life is terminal, so why take it seriously?!

Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic //
Plus size checked shirt - lumberjack chic //

I'm wearing:
Red checked shirt, eBay £11.64
Mustard jumper,past Tu at Sainsburys
Straight leg jeans, Simply Be £16.00

I got these hi tops from Everything 5 Pounds last year. I have numerous pairs of their shoes and they're always excellent. I size up from my usual 7 to an 8 to account for my wide feet and it almost always works like a charm. I think I've had one pair of shoes from them which pinched out of the dozen pairs (or more!) I've bought from them in the past few years.

I used to dress in this tomboy style for a longgggggg ol' time. All through my teens and right up to my late 20s fashion felt like it wasn't for me, so I lived in men's shirts or oversized women's shirts with leggings or jeans. It wasn't until the Simply Be catalogue came into my life (and Evans got less mumsy and more funky) that I started to dress in a more feminine style. I think I probably dress more femme than I really want to as there's this whole bullshit thing about fat women not being put together if they're not glammed up to the nines. I've never had this explained to me in explicit terms, but I've always known it. I find people actually credit me with a tiny bit of humanity if I'm wearing something feminine and have my makeup on, but if I'm wearing something less feminine and have no makeup on people's attitudes are wildly different. It's utter bollocks because no one should HAVE to perform arch femininity to get respect.

Anyhow, on that thought I'll end.
Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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