I've broken my blog


  • As of Thursday evening the Google+ comment system is back and working on my blog, for newer posts, at least. 
  • My wonderful tech helper Joe discovered that post comments are turned off on ALLLLLLL my older posts, which is why the G+ box isn't coming up on posts older than 2015 or so. I decided to work backwards from my oldest posts. So far I've edited 2012 and 2013, so those older articles can be commented on if anyone comes across them. I'm working my way back to the present day and all my posts will have comment boxes on them within the next couple of days. If you see the comment box and there are a lot of comments and you can't see the end of the comment box, refresh the page and that'll do it. I have to do that to reply to the comments too. WHEN will someone invent a reliable comment system?! 
  • I think when I rebranded my blog about 6 months ago every post before that time got the comments turned off somehow. F*ck knows how, but my blog hates me.....this much is becoming clear. 😢
This blog, I swear to God, it'll be the death of me. 

If for any reason you don't get on with G+ comments and want to comment on a blog post, feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Links just below.  // *** END EDIT ***
This is just a quick note to say I've broken my blog comments. No one can comment on my blog. While I attempt to sort it out, feel free to comment on my Facebook page or my Twitter


And if you know a technical genius, give me a yell. I'll be the one swigging neat vodka in the corner. 

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