My favourite outfits of 2016

I've picked out 9 of my favourite outfits from 2016, with reasons why they're favourites.

Get your Wingz 
This outfit is from February. I always turn to my favourite alternative style and makeup to buoy me up through the cold dark and miserable months and this outfit and the makeup is very me.
Cream lace
This outfit is from April, just before my birthday. I've included it because I love the colour palette - cream, beige and brown are so beautiful together. 
Lindy Bop Verona dress
This outfit was my favourite from my holiday in Spain. I wore this to a really outstanding restaurant and I felt amazing in it.
I bought this skirt in the La Redoute sale and later bought the grey one too (which reminds me, I've yet to wear it). It became my favourite skirt of 2016.
La Redoute Castaluna dotted skirt
I adore the photos in this set because the scenery was stunning. Sometimes things are my favourites because of the clothes, sometimes the scenery, and sometimes the memories from the day. I got bit several times by mosquitoes this day, but at least it sticks in my memory. Too many days are easily forgotten.
Society Plus cranberry red tutu
This photo set was taken in August when the heat of the sun had baked all the fields and the photos in the middle of a farmer's field look great in contrast to the trees.
Boohoo camo print bomber
Initially when I got this dress I was scared to wear it as one as it's so short, but it reminded me I should get my thighs out once in a while. These photos are nothing special (they were snapped quickly on my phone) but they remind me of the freedom of getting a rarely seen body part out.
Pink Clove Rose floral dress
And now a couple of recent outfit photos. Velvet goes with everything, and I love the way I accessorised this look. I don't accessorise half as much as I should, but this look reminds me when I do, I hit the jackpot.
Evans layer dress
It's ironic that this was my last outfit post of the year and also my favourite. I had a lot of fun taking these photos and my personality is coming back into my shots. I had a long period of having a stick up my butt from comparing myself to other bloggers and their outfit photos. Letting go and being me (after all, no one else can be more me than me!) means I don't look pinched and tense in my photos any more. Long may it last!
Plus size flapper girl
What was your favourite of mine? Did I list it here?

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Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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