Models Own Mirrorball collection

Hello pickles!

Here I am with a quick look at the Mirrorball collection by Models Own.

I will have some nail swatches for you next week.

Sorry there have been no make up or outfit posts in what seems like fuh-revver. The honest truth is, my new anti-depressants are kicking the crap out of me. I'm sleeping for about 12 hours a day. I put on make up about once or twice a week, just enough so I don't scare children and animals. I'm dressing for comfort rather than style at the moment. I'd much sooner be happy and tired than depressed and anxious, but I'm hoping things will improve once the days get longer. We have almost another month to go until the shortest day (Dec 21st) and after that the days will get longer. Hopefully a little more sunshine will pull me out of this funk. Being ill for the last week hasn't improved my energy levels. Even though I feel like crap I really need to get back into yoga to make myself feel better. Nail posts are easy when the rest of you looks crap!

Thanks for reading.