I haz a stupid

Hiya loves.


Let me get that out of the way.

Have you ever done something so monumentally stupid you want to hit yourself around the head? This morning, distracted by watching Oliver James videos on Youtube, I chugged a couple of max strength cold and flu capsules then left the house to go to my hairdresser. There's nothing like incisive social commentary to make you forget to eat! ;)

Within half an hour of being at Helen's (my lovely hairdresser) I was drenched in a cold sweat and feeling incredibly ill, to say the least. She kindly made me a sandwich to try to stop the damage in its tracks, but it was all for nought. In the cab on the way home, the taxi-driver-come-rally-driver took the corners like he was in Grand Theft Auto, and as soon as I got into the house I threw my bag and keys down and headed to the porcelain throne to yak up. That was over 8 hours ago, and despite passing out for 2 hours after being sick, I still feel so nauseous. I have a big bucket at my feet in case I need to be ill again.

The moral to this story is PLEASE make sure you eat before taking any kind of tablets you wouldn't normally take (unless they specify they must be taken on an empty stomach.) I wouldn't wish this will-I-be-sick-or-won't-I-be-sick feeling on anyone.

Regular posts should commence from tomorrow, if I've recovered. Mondays are normally my days for working away into the small hours scheduling posts (so I have at least one post a day for the coming week), but not this week.

What's the silliest thing you've ever done?

Don't be afraid to share - when I was a toddler I shaved my tongue! (Yes, it bled like hell!) Another time when I was a kid I struck a Swan Vesta match off my teeth (see, they really can be struck off of anything, as they claim!) and burned the inside of my lips really badly. Now, whatever you've got to tell me can't be worse than that, surely?! :)