Tutorial: Glitter nail polish removal using tin foil

Hiya lovelies.

I thought I'd do a tutorial on how to remove stubborn glitter nail polish using tin foil. I love glitter nail polish and rarely wear anything else, so learning about this method was amazing. It really works!

Firstly, you will need:
Nail polish remover
Tin foil
Two large cotton wool pads

Firstly I cut each large cotton wool pad into 5, then I take some tin foil and cut it into 10 sections. I've done square sections before, but this time I did long thin sections. I think squares are easier, but you could just as well tear off odd shaped chunks as long as they're big enough to cover your finger.

Wet a section of pad with nail polish remover. Apply it to your nail. Cover with tin foil, making sure the wet part of the cotton pad hasn't moved and is still over your nail, then scrunch it all in place.

Do your whole hand. Wait a couple of minutes then move the tin foil backwards and forwards over the nail between your clenched thumb and forefinger, as if you were revving up a motorbike by rotating the handlebar. Don't hurt yourself, but don't be too gentle either. The more times you go backwards and forwards the sooner the nail polish will come off. I probably twist mine about 10 times before removing the foil. Some nail polish may still remain around the edges of your nail.

Extract the cotton pad from the foil and use it to remove the rest of the polish from your nail. Do your whole hand and TA-DA! Virtually hassle-free polish removal. I get all the polish off one hand before starting on the other as it's hard to move your fingers once they're covered in foil. 

I must say as someone who has weak and useless T-Rex arms and hands because of Fibromyalgia, this technique saves me loads of pain. My hands cramp up painfully after a few seconds of grasping something tight (do I hear sniggering at the back?!) so constantly rubbing away trying to get stubborn glitter polish used to be a right arse ache. I used to avoid doing my nails because of it. If you know anyone who loves sparkly nail polish but hates the removal, this could be the answer to their prayers.

Have you ever used the tin foil method? Do you like glitter nail polish? 

I think I'm a glitter junkie. If something doesn't sparkle, I'm not interested!


While I'm on the subject of tin foil, scissors and nail polish I have a few tips for you.

1. If you have a sticky residue on your scissors from repeatedly cutting tape and it's making your scissors stick to everything, remove the stickiness by running a piece of cotton wool covered in nail polish remover over the scissor blades a few times. I usually do this with an old cotton wool pad after removing polish so I get more bang for my buck.

2. If your scissors are going blunt and you don't have a knife/scissors sharpener, fold a decent sized piece of tin foil in half 3 or 4 times (making sure the folded piece is as long as the blades of your scissors so you sharpen the whole length of them in one go) and chop through it with your scissors until you have nothing left. This will sharpen your scissors a treat.

3. At this time of year when heating bills go through the roof, you can get more for your money with tin foil and cardboard. Cover one side of a piece of cardboard (cut to match the size of your radiator) with tin foil shiny side out and place it behind the radiator, foil side facing into the room. Then instead of vital heat going towards the wall, it'll be reflected out into the room and you should see a saving in fuel costs over time as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my tips.