Review: Superdrug Anti-Ageing Moisture Mask

 Hello lovelies!

I hope you're well. I am not so well (still) and my chest infection is giving me stabbing pains in my lungs now. So not fun.

I tried a new face mask out on Sunday and it is FAB! It's the Superdrug Anti-Ageing Moisture Mask (what a tongue twister!) and it has Vitamin E, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and pseudo collagen to lock in moisture. It isn't a mask that sets hard, you just apply it to your pre-cleansed and dried face and neck for 15 minutes then wash it off with warm water. It smells kind of herbal and fresh. It's not an overbearing smell at all and I liked it. At 15ml there's more than enough product to do your face and neck.

Because of Fibromyalgia my skin is so dry. If I forget to moisturise, I get forehead dandruff when I scratch it because my skin is *that* desperately parched. Prior to putting on this mask I'd not taken good care of my skin for a couple of days and was highly dubious it would leave my skin soft and moisturised. I was wrong.

It made my skin as soft as a baby's bum and totally restored the moisture level. My skin looked 'healed' somehow, like it had taken years off me. I couldn't stop poring over my face in the mirror! My skin looked plump and fresh. Like a tool, I forgot to take a photo of 'after' but trust me when I say if your face is parched, you could do a lot worse than use this face mask.

I have incredibly sensitive skin, and although my skin was slightly red when I took the mask off at first, it wasn't at all sore or irritated and seconds later the redness went away to leave me with a fresh, glowing, healthy look. My skin still looks better than usual, although my forehead dryness has returned (as expected.) I will use this mask weekly to give my skin a bit of a boost. If you're going out to a Christmas party or other special event, this would make an excellent addition to your beauty routine, as it'll make you look fantastic! It's 99p from Superdrug stores and

10 out of 10 from me! This product was bought with my own money, as ever.
Thanks for reading!