Hiya lovelies.

Lovely Natalie did a great post recently where people who don't comment on her blog could come forward and answer a few questions about themselves and de-lurk. I thought it was a great idea! I hope you don't mind Natalie, but I have borrowed your idea and added a couple more questions because 7 is my favourite number.

If you're reading, I'd REALLY like to get to know you a bit, so please don't be shy. It's also a great way for other people to find out your blog/social networking links ;)

Here are a few questions.

1. Where do you live? (You don't have to be specific, just the country is fine.)
2. What did you want to be when you were a child?
3. What really makes you happy?
4. Name one of your favourite songs.
5. Who inspires you?
6. What's your favourite breakfast?
7. Please leave your blog links (and/or Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr etc if you'd like.)

My answers - just to get the ball rolling - are:

1. On the S.E. coast of England, 5 minutes walk from the sea.
2. I wanted to be an author. Still do!
3. Photography makes me really happy, be it on my DSLR or on Instagram. Add cats, dogs, babies and sunshine into the mix and I may just die of happiness.
4. Why did I put this?! It's a hard question. OK, Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold. It's in my head from listening to it earlier.
5. My mum is my biggest inspiration. She brought up 2 kids at a very young age with virtually zero money on her own. My greatest wish is to win the Lotto so I can tell her she never has to worry about money again for another second.
6. My favourite breakfast is one I probably only have three or four times a year. A full English breakfast - bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, toast, hash browns, mushrooms and a big cup of tea to wash it all down.
7. Well, obviously this is my blog but you can follow me on Twitter @xloveleahx and I'm @loveleahblog on Instagram. Alternatively see my links right at the top of the page on the right hand side.

Please tell me all about yourselves! Feel free to answer the questions even if you comment regularly, I'd love for my readers to get to know each other a bit.