Homemade Christmas. Pt 1 - felt tree decorations.

Hello lovelies,

It's that time of year when there's always too much month at the end of the money in our household. There are 3 birthdays to buy for this month, Christmas is around the corner and the Mr is becoming a right nag!

I've been quite open in this blog about my addiction to spending. When I'm feeling crap, there's nothing which cheers me up as much as the thought of pretty new things. However, the Mr's spreadsheet of shame listing my purchases is a stark reminder of my weakness, and if there's ever a time to cut back on silly spends, it's now, when my time and/or money needs to be spent on Christmas presents.

I'm thinking of ways to make Christmas presents without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas I've had and I will cover each one in a separate post.

I love making things from felt to give as gifts at Christmas. These little Christmas tree decorations are lovely little stocking fillers. I'm no great shakes in the sewing stakes, but I gave some of these as gifts last year and they went down well. I love receiving home made gifts because I know they've had more thought put into them than something picked up from a shelf, and I love to give thoughtful gifts too. Each decoration took me about an hour to make.

This board on Pinterest has lots of ideas of things to make out of felt for Christmas.

I get all my crafty bits and pieces from Josy Rose, which is an absolute joy for the craft-addicted person like me.

Have you ever made a gift for someone at Christmas?

Thanks for reading!