Darling Girl swatches pt 3

Hello you!

Here are some more Darling Girl swatches for you. Here we have Cut Me Deeper from the Not an 80's Band collection, Bioexorcist from the Ghost With The Most collection, Black Day and Scarab.

Darling Girl colour descriptions:
Cut Me Deeper - Deep blood red and wine with golden shimmer.
Bio-exorcist - Black base loaded with gold and blue shimmer.
Black Day - A stunning, dark, coal black with blue duochrome.
Scarab - Deep cool greyish brown with strong green shift.

L-R Cut Me Deeper, Bio-Exorcist, Black Day, Scarab

You get 2 free sample sizes per order and also a gift with purchase (GWP) if you spend over $10. The GWP is a freebie in a little screw lid jar with a sifter. Delivery is $5 international.

Each sample bag you get - even though it has a tiny amount of product - will give you enough for 2-3 uses, certainly enough to tell if you want to buy a bigger size. You can buy 5 sample bags on the website for $4, which is a steal.

Full sizes have 3/4 tea spoon of product in a sifter jar and cost $5.90 (about £3.65.) Petit sizes have 1/4 tea spoon of product in a sifter jar and cost $2.50 (about £1.55.) It doesn't sound like a lot of product but it goes so, so far, especially if you use a sticky base to make your shadows pop. I did swatches today using Darling Girl Glitter Glue. It makes such a difference to the vibrancy.

All of these colours are stunning and I couldn't possibly pick a favourite among them.

You can see Part 1 of my Darling Girl Swatches HERE and part 2 HERE.

Did anything take your fancy?

Thanks for reading.