A brief look around my adopted home town

Hiya lovelies.

After my productive doctor visit on Monday, I decided to go for a very long walk to capitalise on feeling so happy. Here are some shots out and about. None of these will be in my Sunday round up of photos, so don't worry, you won't be seeing them twice! I took so many photos Sunday's post will be huge unless I spread it out.
There are lots of palm trees where I live.
This house was built in 1832.
What a view they must have from that house!
This is Clock House - one story high from the road, but 3 stories high at the back.
I'd love to see inside!
You can see the sea shining like diamonds at the left back of photo.
Lots of lovely leaves everywhere.
A last lingering look at Clock House.
Moarrrr palm trees!
Sit a while?

The writer of King Solomon's Mines stayed here for a while.
A local church.
I really love living where I do. It's a constant source of inspiration. There's the sea, the Old Town, the country park, and loads of glorious little microcosms to explore.

Tell me, what do you love about where you live?