Outfit August 3rd August - Gimme Shelter

Hello honey buns!

I'm a bit late getting started with Outfit August but better late than never. I'm feeling a little less like a zombie today. I called this Gimme Shelter because I love the Stones and I bought this dress recently from a Shelter charity shop for £4. Result!

Below left is what happens when a good song comes on when I'm doing photos. :) Dance time!

Excuse the weird puckering on the front of the dress. I did the washing up just before I took photos and I seem to throw more water over myself than the dishes and as it dried it puckered up. It's super comfy, Sonoma brand from Kohl's, and I love that it kinda looks like denim from a distance. I'm wearing a 3X.

Dress, Shelter
Lace cardi, Asda 
Leggings, Very
Shoes, Primark
Pearls, Primark
Hair flower, eBay
Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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