10 Things Tuesday - new blog feature


I love lists as much as the next person, and I thought making random lists is good way of sharing a bit more of what makes me tick.

Today, 10 things I should be spending money on instead of clothes.

    1. A decent Freeview box. We recently stopped having Sky to save money and now there's nothing to watch. Literally the news, Eastenders, Neighbours and Home and Away is all I watch on tv now. Everything else is downloaded.
    2. TATTOOS! I have my next 5 tattoos planned. I need to stop buying dresses and think about permanent adornment instead. If I'm painted all pretty I'll need to spend less on clothes, right? Right!
    3. Charitable donations. 'Nuff said.
    4. Things for around the flat. I spoil me while the flat is....functional rather than pretty.
    5. Moving funds. We want to move so we can get cats, but because of my health we're going to need a removal firm to do everything, and that won't come cheap. 
    6. Christmas presents! OMG, there are under 20 weekends until Santa Claus visits!
    7. A new desk. I've had my dressing table stuff in boxes and big blue IKEA bags on the bedroom floor for about 4 months. 
    8. A point and shoot camera for general use, which has decent video capture so I can also do more YouTube videos. (If I get another DSLR to get the video capture I need it'll cost mega-wads). I have a £50 voucher from winning the Curry's blogger event photography competition, I've just got to find the rest of the £££.
    9. Some photo shoots as I want some professional photos of me for my blog.
    10. Some new plates. I'm a clumsy washer-upper and I think we're down to about 4 plates now, eek. 
What should you be spending money on instead of whatever it is you spend it on?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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