5 ways to make the world a better place

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Five ways to make the world a better place

  1. Don't take anything personally. That shop worker who's surly to you? Her boss might be an absolute jerk. That driver who cut you up? They might have a terrible stomach bug or be rushing to visit a sick relative in hospital. If someone is horrible to you, know it says more about them than it does you. Taking things personally means you'll react with anger and spread more bad juju. Instead, centre yourself and shrug it off. Don't react to hate with more hate - it might take some practice, but it's worth doing.
  2. Smile at everyone you meet. Seriously. You never know when someone might need your smile. Of course some people will be taken aback and give you strange looks, but you might pass someone in the street who's only going to see YOUR smile all day. Keep an eye out especially for the old folks you meet. Loneliness in the elderly is a big problem, so follow up that smile with a hello.
  3. Help people. If there's a little old lady in the supermarket looking wistfully at something on the top shelf, ask her if she needs a hand. If you see someone crying on the train, pass them a tissue. If you see a parent struggling with a buggy on some stairs, offer them a hand if you're physically able. If you see a homeless person outside a shop, bring them a drink and a snack, and if it's winter make it a hot drink and hot food if you can. Give money to buskers and homeless people without being asked. Donate to charity when you can afford it without fanfare. Do good deeds without any hope of them being reciprocated. It's good for the soul.
  4. Don't buy into the crap on the news which demonises people of a different colour or culture in far flung lands (or even our own). If we other people it makes it all the easier to bomb the shit out of them in bogus wars where only arms dealers win and blame them for the ills which are always caused by greedy powerful people in control, not the little folk like you and I. Be smarter than that.
  5. Live a gentle life where possible. Animal testing is still hugely prevalent even though there's no need for it in these scientifically advanced days of in vivo testing, etc. Investigate who tests and who doesn't, and try to make choices for your make up, toiletries and household cleaning items which aren't tested on animals. Thankfully there are more cruelty free brands coming out all the time so you don't have to deny yourselves. No bunny needs to have shampoo constantly dripped into its eyes to make our hair shiny. It's a no brainer.
What are YOUR tips for living a kinder life? Have at it in the comments.

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