My weekend


Happy Monday - let's hope it's a good week for us all.

This weekend just gone I had a bit of a whistlestop visit to London and Kent. We went to visit James's parents in London on Friday evening. We watched Divergent, which was really good. Hellooooo Theo James! Jai Courtney was also very handsome in his alternative look for the film. I've had the trilogy of books by Veronica Roth on my Kindle for months, so I started reading the first book afterwards.

On Saturday we went to see James's grandad in Essex, which is always lovely. He's 90 and in full control of his faculties, and he loves his Leah hugs. His wife (RIP) was nicely rounded and I think he enjoys a good squidgy cuddle, as he held onto me for about a minute on Saturday.

The obligatory Saturday morning selfie

My mum and step dad came to pick me up at about 5pm as it was planned for me to stay over at my aunt's house to keep her company, and also give my mum and step dad a break (they've been staying with my aunt since my uncle died.) James stayed on in London while I went to Kent. We had a nice evening in watching Scooby Doo (as you do!) and I wrote a eulogy to my uncle which I'll read at the funeral. My aunt is doing really well - she has lots of little episodes of crying (as is to be expected) but has also shown fortitude I don't think she knew she had.

On Sunday afternoon we went to weed and tidy up my nan and grandad's grave, as after my uncle's funeral, his flowers will be laid on the grave. His ashes will be interred with my nan and grandad. It was only a couple of minutes bending over to weed, but I've upset my upper back and neck and can hardly turn my head.

As we finished there came a downpour so heavy as to be almost comedic, and in the two minutes it took to get back to my aunt's house we were absolutely drenched. I even ran to get out of it, and that doesn't happen often! I'm glad I had a spare change of clothes because I looked like I'd just walked out of a car wash, minus the bubbles. My aunt used the hair dryer top to toe.

After we came back we looked at old photos as we were looking for a nice photo of my aunt and uncle to scan in and use as cover photos on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. We found this photo as we looked, which was taken when I was 9 when we were on holiday in Dymchurch. Going by the smile/grimace on my uncle's face, I guess the water was bloody cold!

James came to pick me up yesterday afternoon and we drove home, got lost due to a closed road, but had a lovely spin around countryside we hadn't seen before - always a bonus. When we got in we had takeaway delivered and hit the housework, as we had a landlord inspection this morning. Here's the living room tidy-ish, and devoid of the clothes/shoes/jewellery/makeup which inevitably get strewn about when I'm doing outfits or swatching things.

How was your weekend and what did you do?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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