Catch ups and calamities

Hello lovelies!

Long time no speak, or at least it feels that way for me.

Last weekend James and I headed off to beautiful Bury, near Manchester to see one of my long time friends get married. I've known R since 1999 and we've been through some ups and downs in that time but have come out the other side laughing. R met a truly wonderful man a few years ago and I was as pleased as punch as she deserves to be treated like a queen. For me one of the happiest things about having dear friends is seeing them with people who treat them with love and respect. R's partner M slotted right into our little friendship group like he'd always been there and it was such an honour to see them get hitched.

We had 4 lovely days with good friends, good food and good alcohol. :)

I'll do a more in-depth post about the wedding weekend later on as there are oodles of photos, this is a general catch up of the last week.

On Sunday evening I started to feel ill but put it down to the stress and strain of long car journeys and too much of a good time. We drove home overnight - arriving back in the small hours of Monday - and hit the hay as four members of my family (my dad, cousin, aunt and uncle) were coming to stay on Monday afternoon.

I felt rough on Monday, but no more than I would normally after a busy weekend involving lots of travel and activities (taking Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME into account) so I ploughed into having fun with my family and tried not to focus on my health. On Wednesday I woke up feeling absolutely awful. My throat was raw, I could barely talk, and I was having wicked hot & cold spells and muscle aches so my cousin came with me to the doctors. The doc put me on antibiotics for my throat infection and I came home to bed where I stayed for most of the day.

I woke up on Thursday and felt a LOT better than Wednesday so decided I would go along with the plan we'd made earlier in the week to go to the beach. I figured the sun, sea air and a little swim in the sea would do me some good. Hahahaha.

My cousin and I went in the water soon after arriving (my aunt thought better of it as the water was so cold). My cousin said "1-2-3- let's dip ourselves" and at the count of three I crouched to dunk myself up to the neck so I'd feel the same temperature all over. As I did a great big wave slapped into me and knocked me off my feet onto my knees, so the water was over my mouth and nose. Before I could recover another wave knocked me sideways, then another onto my back. I couldn't get up as the waves were coming in so hard. I couldn't float or swim as the waves were so fierce. I had water in my nose and mouth and I couldn't breathe. It probably only took about 15 seconds before my dad jumped in to help me up, but it felt like a lifetime. I had a panic attack. I came out bleeding from wounds on my knees and my left thigh but laughed it off once I could breathe again. It wasn't until I woke up on Friday and looked at the state of myself that I realised what a lucky escape I'd had. My fingertips are lacerated from flailing my arms about on the pebbles trying to push myself off the sea bed. My left thigh is a maze of cuts and bruises. My knees are both cut, bruised and swollen. My feet are swollen and covered in broken blood vessels from the stones I was being battered against as I tried to get up. I ache everywhere.

Back of knee/thigh - shin - thigh - foot

Then I got sunburnt on the beach as I forgot my golden rule of no sun before 3pm! (I get up much earlier when we have guests and I forgot the sun was at its strongest when we were there.) I had a maxi dress and denim shirt on most of the time but still managed to burn my back, left arm and right foot pretty badly. You could not make this up! My life recently is one big circus.

Despite everything else going on - the broken toe, the cold/flu or whatever it is, the throat infection, the cuts and bruises - the sunburn on my foot is the most painful of the lot! It looks like nothing but it's so swollen and tight I can barely walk on it. I've never had a sunburned foot before so didn't realise burned skin plus the pressure of walking on it = total chuffin' ouchfest.

I missed the first day of my OWN challenge Outfit August yesterday, which is just hilarious! I hope to get some clothes on my sore bits later today and hobble in front of a camera. I have oodles of posts planned and assuming I've used up this months' quota of bad luck (and then some!) I hope to be back on form again soon & posting every day from now on. I also have over 1200 blogs to read in Bloglovin, as I haven't read any in about a week. Eep! That'll keep me out of mischief - and hopefully out of harms' way too!

What have I missed? What's new with you?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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