St Thomas the Martyr church, Winchelsea

Happy Friday!

The days seem to be speeding past in a blur recently, probably as we've been so busy. Last Saturday we went to a place we've been to several times - St Thomas the Martyr church in Winchelsea. Normally we only visit the cemetery, but this time we went inside the church for the first time. It was crowded as there always seem to be walking groups gathered there, and also because Spike Milligan is buried here. I didn't take many photos inside so will show you the ones of outside the church. We'd never been all the way around the outer part of the church before so there are some new shots if you've seen me post about this place before. :)

The church used to be much bigger than it is now, as you can see from the large ruined parts of it. Ruins always fascinate me more than existing buildings as I can let my imagination run wild. I also love seeing how nature reclaims her own - trailing ivy meshes with windows which long since been open to the elements.

You can see here how much larger the church once was

 Thanks for reading/looking.

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