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Thanks to all of you who left lovely comments on my blog yesterday. In some ways the level of self-centredness that blogging requires (after all you're talking about yourself all the time) can sometimes mean the world appears to shrink to the size of a pinhead, and you lose sight of the bigger picture. It's a good idea to refocus, gain some new perspective and come back at it from a new angle.

I haven't been strictly planning the Outfit August posts. When I did Fatshion February I put a lot of planning into what I was going to wear but this time (so far) I've been letting an item come to mind and then building something around it in a much more relaxed manner. I found this dress in the wardrobe the other day, thought 'That's where you got to!' and decided to give it another whirl.

You can see the sunburnt ankle a little bit in the photo above. It's not painful to walk on now. It just itches like fark.

I straightened my hair tonight for the first time in months and ye gads it's got long. Time for a trim soon! I am growing it, but not without regular trims to keep it in good condition.

Dress, Forever 21+
Scarf, a festival years ago (this differs to my cheapo eBay ones in that it's square & thicker material).
Belt, ASOS Curve
Hair flower, old Peacocks
Shoes, so old I can't even remember where they're from

When my mum and step dad had to move a few months ago, they found loads of my old stuff as they packed up. Amongst that I got back about 4 odd shoes (random) and the only pair of matching shoes I got back were these wedge sandals. I wore them to a friend's summer time wedding well over 10 years ago and was pleased to get them back.

Finding things you've lost after years is a bonus! Have you ever lost anything for ages and found it later on?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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