Secrets to Summer Confidence with Simply Be

Hello lovelies,

Recently Simply Be got in touch to ask if I'd share their infographic all about summer confidence.

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I'm in two minds about this infographic. On one hand, I look at the statistics and see that like a lot of women, I'm self conscious about my stomach, but then I see all the things women feel the need to arm themselves with before going to the beach - manis, pedis, cover ups, perfume, make up and a million other things and I feel so sad that this is an issue at all. It IS an issue though because women are programmed to compare themselves to others from birth, and there's also so much judgement about bigger bodies. I totally agree that well fitting swimwear is key to helping with beach confidence, but it pains me that a lot of women are so terrified of getting their bodies out they prepare for the beach like they're going to war.

How do I feel beach ready? I go to the beach, I put on a swimming costume and ta-daaaaaa I'm all done. Feeling the air on parts of my body which don't often get an airing is so freeing, and that in itself makes it a joyful experience. A couple of weeks ago I went to the beach (I'm lucky enough to live by the sea) and what did I do to get ready? Not a sausage. I had no make up on, I hadn't shaved for a few days, and parts of me were are pale I'm pretty sure I glow in the dark. No one looked at me, no one cared, and if they HAD said anything I would've given them the finger and carried on being fabulous.

I just want to hug every woman (and man) who feels so terrified of what should be a joyous, freeing occasion. When I was at the beach, I felt as joyful as I did on the beach as a child, with not a care in the world (until the sea chewed me up and spat me out, but that's another story altogether!) I know I'm lucky to be confident enough to get my size 28 body out on the beach and enjoy it, and that's something I wish for everyone, no matter what size they are. I hope with time and with more body positivity this is something we can all experience.

Readers, how do YOU feel about going to the beach? How to you prepare?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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