Link to poor sleep and acne?

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When I was in my 20s and even into my 30s, I could get away without a decent night's sleep without it showing in my face. I was so fresh-faced and chirpy that no one would guess I'd been up all night dancing and had about 3 hours sleep, as I was fond of doing in my pre-Fibro/ME days. Now if I sleep badly my eye bags take over my face, I look dry and pinched, and have the colour of death.

I'm interested in all things sleep since I rarely get any of the good stuff. Fibromyalgia is essentially a sleep disorder which causes much fuckery throughout the whole body as you don't get that restorative and repairing sleep that other people do. Our stage 4 or deep sleep is constantly interrupted. Imagine not getting a great night's sleep for years and then you'll know why Fibromyalgia is so debilitating. Not getting that deep sleep means that aches and pains don't magically heal overnight as the body's good fairies get to work, like in normal people. It means that you become more and more run down until you barely exist. You're the epitome of the walking dead, and no Rick Grimes in sight.

When I was asked to talk about the link between poor sleep and acne (this is NOT a sponsored post) I was intrigued as I know what it's like to sleep like crap and have the effects loud and proud on my face the next day. I'd never considered that poor sleep could be linked to spots. I knew that hormones and stress contribute towards spots, but had never considered that not getting enough sleep is a form of stress. Even though it's been affecting me for 8 years! D'oh.

This video was made by a bed company to explore the link between poor sleep and spots.

The video has obviously been crafted to drive an agenda, but regardless, it's food for thought. Is getting a good night's sleep the best thing you can do for your face? What do you think?

Can you get away with poor sleep without it showing on your face? Let me know so I can hate you. Just kidding. ;)

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