Scarlett and Jo Brand Ambassador


I'm thrilled to announce I'm a Brand Ambassador for my favourite clothing company Scarlett and Jo. Gifi asked me yesterday and I've been on a cloud ever since!

Photo from Scarlett and Jo

Being able to represent my favourite clothing company - one who REALLY cares about the wishes of the plus size woman - is an honour. I've been saying for some time that the way Gifi and the team deal with customers and bloggers alike is the future. Everyone else could learn a thing or two about a company who are TRULY engaged with the demographic they serve. Lolly was the first S&J brand ambassador, and she's a size 26. I'm a size 28. S&J want to see women in their clothes - all women, not just the up-to-size 24 women we see represented from virtually every other plus size clothing company.

On a personal level for me, this has made a wonderful end to a what was up until now a crappy year. My step dad's cancer battle and my subsequent mental health issues have meant I'd lost a lot of enthusiasm for........well, everything really. I'm on cloud 9 now, I really am.

Being chosen to represent S&J is extra special because all my life I've been made to feel I was too much. I was a fat, loud, inquisitive child. Added to this I was a GIRL, and the world tends to be harsh place for fat, loud, inquisitive girls. Then I went to a grammar school so I was a fat, loud, inquisitive and intelligent child. At least my intelligence was fostered. ;)

I was told implicitly and explicitly throughout the years that I was too much in so many ways. I should shut up, diet, go away, DIMINISH myself in various ways so I didn't take up too much space, physically or otherwise. I have always felt like an outsider, always doubted myself at times, always known if I diminished myself I would be more popular.

And then someone comes along and sees me, all of me. Flawed, sweary, self-doubting, sometimes a f*ck up but usually with good intentions, and they say "You're not too much. You're just right." And all the years of struggling to BE suddenly make sense. All the hard work put into my blog is recognised. Everything thus far leading to this point where I can say yes, it was all worth it, because finally I'm enough, and I'm SO thankful. Thank you Scarlett and Jo.

If you're struggling, keep going. Eventually someone will see you - all of you - and you'll be enough too. Just keep swimming.

Leah xoxo

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