6 outfits that didn't make it into a blog post - photo heavy

Hello lovelies!

One of my biggest problems is self-criticism and I put pressure on myself to be perfect (whatever that is) then beat myself up for not achieving it. A few months ago I went through my blog searching for outfit posts I hated so I could delete them. I was putting ridiculous pressure on myself to blog every day, even if it wasn't my best effort. God knows why I did this to myself for so long. 

I have scrapped so many outfit photos for lots of different reasons. They have been rushed because the light was low and I needed to take shots ASAP. They might have been crap because I had very little time for make up or they might have had cluttered backgrounds. I might have been pulling really stupid faces in them (this happens a lot!) They may have been grainy. I may have had the camera on the wrong setting (too light/too dark) and they looked hideous after editing. They may have been ill-conceived outfits, or I may have been having a bad body image day/week/month and didn't want to show them to anyone. Deleting so many previous posts made me realise the only person putting pressure on myself to blog every day was me. Now I will wait for the perfect lighting (or use my soft box lights). I'll make sure my hair, make up and nails are OK. I don't put pressure on myself to put crap work out for the sake of it, and it's such a relief! I seem to be doing outfit posts at the rate of about 2 a week and that suits me a lot better.

Here are some outfits which weren't good enough to post on their own merits, but are worth showing combined.

One. I call this Gothic Cheerleader. I think I didn't post this outfit as I considered it a bit too VBO-y.

Jacket and necklace, blog sale.
Playsuit, past season New Look Inspire
Boots, Brantano

Two. Mookie picked this Scarlett and Jo dress up at their sample sale a few months back. I wore it to James's cousin's wedding and haven't worn it since as it needs ironing and I hate ironing. It is a lovely dress though! I didn't post these shots because it's a toilet selfie. :) I don't think this dress is available any more.

Three. There's no way this can be even classed as an outfit, but it was the only photo I kept from a whole set as I hated them. It was an ill advised outfit that looked good in my head but revolting on camera. But my boobs look good! Bra by Evans (the underwire has since broke, bah humbug!) and the top is a couple of years old by One One Three, who I don't think even exist any more.

Four. I bought this ASOS dress in a blog sale, and Rach took my photos but it was such a horrible, grey day the light was terrible so I edited them. The dress was a bit too tight and short at the back, although it does look OK in the photos. I'll probably sell this on.

Five. This is one of the dresses I modelled for Scarlett and Jo. I wore it on a freezing cold day to visit my family and these photos were super hurried so I didn't post them in their own right, but I will take better photos in it. You can buy it here. Hairband Crown & Glory, scarf past season Very, Coat past season New Look Inspire, shoes New Look.

Six. I wore this outfit out Wednesday just gone to a Christmas meal. Dress, by Lady V (given to me by Mookie), cardi from another friend, necklace/hair flower/bracelets all old. I didn't post this one because my washing is drying behind me, and besides they're phone photos/they aren't full length.

Would you be interested in seeing posts like these with outfit rejects in future?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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