A sweet Christmas & decorating my winter wonderland*

Hiya lovelies,

This year has found me rather devoid of the Christmas spirit, but yesterday I finally got around to finishing off my Christmas display and gift bagging all of the Christmas gifts. I decided on a winter wonderland theme for my Christmas display, which is on a table in the living room. I decided not to put baubles on the trees this year and instead decorated with pearl jewellery, iridescent threads, Crown and Glory glitter hair accessories, mini bird cages, a sprinkle of iridescent glitter and some fake diamond gems. I have to say although it's a small display, I love it. I've got it on top of a fake snow tablecloth from Poundland.

I've wrapped as little presents as possible this year, using gift bags instead except for the heaviest presents. I put iridescent threads in with the gift bags, as well as some sweet treats I received from Tangerine Confectionery a week ago. Here's what they sent me. I'm a big fan of retro sweeties. When we got married in 2011 our favour bags were full of Black Jack and Fruit Salad sweets.

The Butterkist gingerbread popcorn was delicious, and very sweet. Some of the pieces were flavoured so strongly with ginger that it made my eyes water, but at least they taste of real ginger! Definitely best shared with someone to halve the sugar coma. :)

Here's my trees partway through decorating. I thought to myself 'I have all these pretty glitter hair bows, why not use them on the tree?!' To be honest putting baubles on a tree really hurts my arms as they're so weak from Fibromyalgia. Draping a few bits of faux pearl jewellery and clipping on some bows was very quick and easy.

The glittery Prancer is a hair piece as well, but made for someone with a pea head as I can barely get it on. It looks better on the tree than on me anyway. :) I used 2 mini trees this year - a white one and a pink one - both from Tesco a few years ago. I actually have a few more - a black mini tree, and a silver tinsel one which is midi sized - but I decided not to use them as space is at a premium (and of course the more I decorate the more work there is to undo).

Here's a section of the finished article.

I got the mini bird cage tealight holders, stags, tinsel, bead garland and iridescent threads from Poundland. They've really upped their game this year.

These are just some of the gift bags and presents ready to be delivered! I got most of the gift bags from Poundland too. It's handy that they deliver now because the shops at this time of year are an assault course!

I put a handful of sweet treats into each gift bag, most of which fell straight to the bottom, but at least it'll give the recipients something to munch on whilst they open their presents from other people. I do feel bad that people won't have the pleasure of ripping wrapping paper off my gifts this year, but I'm so stressed about Christmas this year I can't stomach to wrap them all!

I usually buy a box or two of Lindor to split among the presents as a little extra but I had no need this year with this sweet delivery!

And of course I left some over for me and James to chomp while I finished up my last few gifts. Those Wham bars are delicious! James has told me the Fruit Salads are his or else. ;)

Do you pop sweeties into your Christmas gifts? If you decorate, what kind of Christmas theme did you go for this year?

This may be my last post for several days, but if I have enough time on Christmas Eve I'll document the velvet maxi dress I bought from Scarlett and Jo a few days ago. I think they're going to have to replenish stock after Christmas (I can't see it on the website at the moment) but this is it.

I went for midnight blue (2nd left) after much deliberation and it is GORGEOUS. A life changing dress, and I don't say that lightly. I purr when I wear it, like I'm possessed by the spirit of Eartha Kitt.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I'll see you soon!

Leah xoxo

*Sweet treats sent for review. Opinions are my own.

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